Our Limited Editions

Each of our museum quality giclée canvas or archival paper reproductions / prints is an investment in aesthetics, giving you the truest performance of the painting possible outside of owning the original. artstudio Fine Art only prints for a limited number of editions and never reproduces an artist’s image again. During publishing, each artist carefully matches the print to the original and hand signs each and every piece.

All of our artists have legally agreed to produce an image in various size and set edition number for sale to the public. Limited edition giclées are signed by the artist and sequentially numbered so the art investor may be assured his piece is authentic. The numbers on the print denote the individual piece number in the edition over the total edition size. For example, 9/275 is the ninth print in a series of 275. When artstudio Fine Art has sold all of the available prints, the edition is considered sold out.

Each limited edition giclée and original comes with a copy of the artist’s resumé, his/her biography and a “Certificate of Authenticity” signed by the actual artist at the time of purchase. Also each print will be hand numbered as to which it is in the series. The COA validates the limited edition. It should be safeguarded for resale purposes and/or an insurance valuation as well, as it helps with documentation and provenance of each piece of fine art.

Further, when artstudio Fine Art states that a giclée is a limited edition, that includes all customized sizing and formats. Because our investors may have special needs in sizing and we are able to print to their size specification, each of these special print sizes is counted in the total edition number for each fine art piece. So your reproduction is not only the closest possible museum quality reproduction of our original fine art, it is truly a limited edition.