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Edward Nichols

“Painting to me is about being very quiet and centered and then waiting to see what is revealed through drawing visual thoughts and listening to hear/see the next one. My position is that each of us is a perfect spiritual reflection of an infinite Mind, infinite Love, and this is what fills us with awe and inspiration. This is what we have to share with each other. ” More…

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Maxine McClendon

“In essence, all paintings are about the act of painting, getting the colors on the canvas in as beautiful a manner as possible. My subject matter happens to be landscape, not landscape as we are accustomed to seeing it in paintings but aerial views as we see them from mountains, hills and, most especially, airplanes, shorelines, cliffs, crevices, rivers, lakes, farmland ploughed and furrowed, and strange patterns left as scars on the earth where buildings have once stood and long since gone.” More…

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Christopher Nichols

“Drawing gives me a sense of inter-action with the conscious and unconscious elements of the subject matter. As for my love of painting, I find the use of color captures the soul inspired substance of the subject. Painting landscapes has become my greatest joy because landscapes portray the essence of a certain place during a given time of day. I feel taken into the spirit of the subject while I am painting and ponder what the subject has to tell me about life.” More…

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